Brand Protection

With the ever growing frauds and counterfeiting techniques, it is a prerogative of any government agencies to secure the revenues derived from customs and excise duty on alcohol and tobacco, acting both as a record of payment and a barrier to the distribution of illicit products, whether in the form of contraband or counterfeits. Develop an efficient tax stamp program is key to help government fight against counterfeiting and protect tax revenues.

Jasuindo is striving to deliver the best solution to governments to fight against illicit trade. We are committed to provide tax stamp management solutions to shield and support tax revenues.

Our solutions will allow the government to properly optimize revenues, protecting authorized and legitimate economy and advocating credible trading.

Jasuindo produces comprehensive hologram tempering with various security features to prevent product counterfeiting. In addition, Jasuindo also provides RFID labels, digital security systems, security labels, and security packaging to ensure brand protection and authentication.