In an increasingly connected environment, Jasuindo offers comprehensive and tailor-made solutions to governments, state printers and private corporations by providing industry leading technologies

There is evident importance of identity documents in each society. Owning an official document such as IDs, driver’s license, passport, etc. is a must along with the world’s advancement.

It provides social safety through establishing one’s identity as well as administering protection and safeguarding.

Jasuindo covers the entire value chain of passports and IDs; we offer a wide range of solutions to governments and private corporations in providing a well-protected and a top of the art-secured ID documents. All solutions had been specifically developed to meet with the stringent demand from the industry. All specific key components of a travel document are available at Jasuindo; those components can sustain the lifetime of a passport; this is ensured by strict durability requirements exceeding the ones of ICAO and ISO standards.



We cover the whole production process – from producing holographic security features and inlays, right through to the production of laminates, data pages (either thin PCDP or electronic PCDP) and booklets.

ID Cards

We offer state-of-the art smart cards produced entirely in-house – from holograms and laminates to polycarbonate and PET cards with contact, contactless or dual interface technologies.

Certificates / Diplomas

We offer high security printing to secure all breeder documents with proposed security features include security printing, hologram, watermark and microtext.