Financial and banking industry have continuously grown over the past years. Jasuindo aims to provide secure and durable end to end solutions from designing to implementing

The use of credit card is nowadays considered as an important part of progressive economic growth. But regardless of whether you are doing your payment transactions through a physical or non-physical means, security and protection are fundamental. With numerous frauds and cyber threats which may compromise client’s identity and finances, having the highest security available onto your cards is the main way to hinder potential misuse.

In Jasuindo, we offer card manufacturing services, along with providing the best printing quality, security features, and resilient card materials using our competitive card processing tools and equipment. We support a full and up to date range of EMV chip platform.

Being one of the frontrunners in payment card technology, we can easily provide solutions in the growing demand of payment evolution. With the consumers looking for swift, dependable, and convenient way of payment options, Jasuindo is committed to providing great consumer experience, reliability, productivity, and security.



We provide high security printed documents such as cheque and passbooks.

Banking Cards

We produce high quality cards combining cutting;edge technology with the proficiency of security printing.

Other Payment

We offer the new generation of payments including OTP and biometric cards.