Jasuindo Goes Digital

  |   Press Release

Over the last 30 years Jasuindo has continuously grown; today, we are delighted to be known as the fastest growing identity and payment company in Asia. Being one of the industry leaders encourages us to keep enhancing our solutions and come up with great innovations to meet the customer demand.

Our journey from being a commercial printer to a well-known secure document supplier makes us to what we are today: a state-of-the-art solutions provider. As part of this transition, we are delighted to offer our clients cutting-edge digital government solutions featuring platforms that enable fast deployment of digital government services. These platforms are designed to generate seamless digital communication between governments and citizens with all kind of different needs.

To be able to serve you even better, we have formed a partnership with iDGate, a multi-factor security solutions company headquartered in Taiwan. iDGate is well known for its pioneering identity verification solutions such as virtual token, face recognition and mobile security; indispensable products we make use of on a daily basis in mobile banking and digital experience to replace your long clumsy password. Our partnership with iDGate aims to elevate customer experience by providing our clients end-to-end security solutions they can rely on.

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