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What is Brand Protection

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The competition among businesses is getting more and more intense over time. A company’s success can be attributed to a number of factors, including brand protection in addition to the quality of goods and services provided.


A brand is a valuable asset for a business. Brands can help businesses build identity, create consumer loyalty, and increase sales.


But trademarks may also be the object of infringement. A company may suffer large financial losses as well as reputational harm from trademark infringement.


As a result, brand protection has become crucial for every company hoping to preserve its reputation.


What is Brand Protection?

Brand protection is an effort to protect a brand from various forms of infringement, such as counterfeiting, misuse, and piracy. Brand infringement can result in significant financial losses for a business and can even damage the brand’s reputation.

Jasuindo as a one of Indonesia’s top security printing companies, provides comprehensive and reliable brand protection solutions. With over thirty years of experience in the security printing industry, Jasuindo has earned the trust of numerous top Indonesian and international businesses.


Apa Saja Solusi Brand Protection dari Jasuindo?

Solutions provided by Jasuindo for brand protection include:

  • Excellent quality with several finishing options
  • Physical product security
    • Security Packaging
    • Hologram
    • Temper Evident
    • Security Label
    • RFIDLabel
    • Tax Stamp
  • Digital Security products
  • Track and Trace


One of the most popular methods of brand protection is the use of security labels. Various security elements, like holograms, relief or embossed images, temper evident, and dot matrix numbering, are typically printed on security labels. The difference between genuine and counterfeit products can be made easier with the aid of these security elements.


An RFID label is a label embedded with an antenna and chip so that it can store data, and this data can be seen after an RFID reader detects the RFID label.


Tax stamps come with advanced security features such as digital numbering, QR codes, hidden images, dye cutting, and invisible bi-fluorescent ink, etc. Making them difficult to counterfeit. This tax stamp is usually used for alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, and so on.


Security packaging is packaging that is equipped with security features to protect a brand or product from various forms of counterfeiting. One of the security features that can be applied to packaging is that when viewed with UV light, packaging equipped with this security feature can display hidden text or images.

Holograms are a security feature that can provide a unique visual effect that is difficult to imitate. Holograms can be used to protect various products, from consumer products to electronic products.


Benefits of Using Jasuindo Brand Protection Solutions

The following are some benefits you can get by using the brand protection solution from Jasuindo:


1. Protect your brand from counterfeiting, misuse, and piracy.

Jasuindo offers brand protection solutions that will shield your brand from different types of infringement. This can lessen the amount of funds that you lose as a result of trademark infringement.


2. Increase consumer trust in your brand

Consumers will trust brands that have strong protection. This can help you to increase sales and market share.


3. Boost the recognition of your brand.

Your brand’s reputation may suffer from brand infringement. You can protect the reputation of your brand by utilizing Jasuindo’s brand protection solutions.



Immediately protect your brand with Jasuindo.

Jasuindo products and services are equipped with sophisticated security features, making them difficult to counterfeit. Jasuindo also offers consulting and design services to help companies choose brand protection solutions that suit their needs.


With brand protection solutions from Jasuindo, companies can protect their brands from various forms of infringement, such as counterfeiting, misuse, and piracy. Jasuindo is committed to supporting companies in maintaining brand value and increasing consumer trust through brand protection solutions.


If you are interested in finding out more about brand protection solutions from Jasuindo, you can contact us at (021) 29333101 for our office in Jakarta or (031) 8910919 for our office in Sidoarjo. We will be pleased to offer you the finest option.