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What is smart card

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Data and information security have grown in importance in this digital age. Using smart cards is one way to improve the security of data and information.


PT Jasuindo Tiga Perkasa, Tbk. (Jasuindo) is a security printing company that produces smart cards. Jasuindo has more than 30 years of experience in providing leading security and technology solutions.



What is a Smart Card?

A smart card is a smart card equipped with a chip that can store data and information. Smart cards can be used for various purposes, such as personal identification, payment, and access control.


Jasuindo provides a variety of smart card options, including ATM, credit, identity, and access cards. Jasuindo’s smart cards are made with high security in mind. Jasuindo is able to manufacture smart cards with assured quality since it has advanced and modern production facilities. Jasuindo’s dedication to provide high-quality products and services is proven by the numerous international certifications it has earned.



Smart Card Functions

The functionality of smart cards can vary depending on the services offered by the card issuer. Some of a smart card’s features include the following:


  1. Identity card

Smart cards can be used to store a person’s personal data, such as their resident identification card (KTP), member identification card (KTA), student card, and so on. Usually, smart cards used for identity data are equipped with personal data and a photo of the cardholder.



  1. Payment Card

Smart cards can be used to make payment transactions, such as credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards. Usually, smart cards used for payments are equipped with an EMV chip, so they can be used to make payment transactions all over the world.



  1. Access Control Card

Smart cards can be used to open certain doors, gates, or rooms, such as office access cards, parking access cards, and home access cards. Smart cards that are utilized for access control typically include an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip installed in order for RFID devices to read them.



Types of Smart Cards


It turns out that there are multiple different kinds of smart cards, despite their seeming simplicity. Users won’t typically be able to distinguish between the differences. But you can find out what kind of card you have by reading the details below.


  1. Contact cards

The chip in this kind of smart card is physically attached to a smart card. Debit and credit cards are two examples of cards that typically employ contact cards, since they demand a high level of security.


  1. Contactless cards

The chip on this kind of smart card allows it to communicate wirelessly with a smart card reader device. Bank cards, access cards, identity cards, and transportation cards are among the many applications for contactless cards.


  1. Dual interface cards

This type of smart card adapts to the reading device when the customer makes a purchase, since it integrates contact and contactless features into a single card.



Advantages of Jasuindo Smart Cards


Jasuindo is one of the leading smart card companies in Indonesia. Smart cards from Jasuindo have been used by various government agencies, the private sector and financial institutions in Indonesia. These are the various advantages, such as:


  • High security

Smart cards from Jasuindo are equipped with chips that are protected by various security features. These security features aim to prevent misuse of data and information stored on the card.


  • High flexibility

Smart cards from Jasuindo can be personalized according to customer needs. Jasuindo offers a wide selection of designs and features that can be tailored to customer needs.


  • Ease of use

Smart cards from Jasuindo are easy to use and can be operated with various devices.



A Trusted Smart Card Solution for Various Needs

As a leading smart card solution provider, we are committed to improving security and technology. We are continuing to innovate and develop better smart card solutions with sophisticated security features and advanced technology.


Jasuindo is also committed to being a trusted partner for every customer by providing professional and quality services. Jasuindo has experience in providing smart card solutions for various needs, both for governments, private companies, banks, and other financial institutions.


Jasuindo is the best option if you’re looking for a complete, secure, and reliable smart card solution. You can contact our offices in Jakarta at (021) 29333101 or our head office in Sidoarjo at (031) 8910919 for more information about this service. We will be pleased to provide the best solution for you.