Jasuindo Hologram

Jasuindo Hologram

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As a form of fighting counterfeiting and ensuring product authenticity, as a security printing company, Jasuindo have hologram product variants designed to protect products and provide peace of mind to consumers.


Hologram technology incorporates advanced security features that make it nearly impossible to imitate or tamper with. With their intricate designs and optical effects, holograms serve as a visual authentication tool, instantly distinguishing genuine products from counterfeits.


What differentiates Jasuindo hologram are their advanced features and best security, which are specially designed to guarantee maximum security. These security measures allow manufacturers, retailers, and consumers to quickly and easily verify the authenticity of a product simply by looking at it visually.


These holograms bring significant benefits to businesses and consumers. For companies, this means a higher level of protection of their brand reputation, increased consumer confidence, and reduced financial losses due to counterfeiting. Additionally, this technology enables easy tracking and tracing of products, thereby increasing supply chain security and efficiency.


Industry experts hail this hologram technology as a breakthrough in the fight against counterfeiting, as it provides a highly secure, cost-effective, and visually appealing solution. With their ability to combine unique designs and customization options. Holograms can be customized to fit a variety of product categories, making them a versatile solution for businesses in a variety of industries, such as pharmaceuticals, luxury goods, electronics, and more.


This hologram is one of the important products in the fight against counterfeit products. Through advanced security features, ease of use, and visual appeal, it provides a robust solution that protects businesses and consumers. As the world becomes increasingly connected, these technological breakthroughs will play a critical role in protecting intellectual property, ensuring consumer safety, and driving economic growth.


Jasuindo hologram can be applied to security documents, product packaging, the product itself, diplomas, certificates, passports, identity cards, bank cards, tax label and much more.


We produce holograms in huge quantities with the best quality.


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