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Types of Banking Cards

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Bank cards have become an integral part of modern financial life. With the various types and features offered, an in-depth understanding of the various cards can help users manage their finances better. In this article, we will discuss several types of bank cards that are commonly used. There anything? Check out the explanation below!



ATM Card (Automated Teller Machine)

ATM cards are the most commonly used bank cards. However, many people are still confused about whether ATM cards and debit cards are different. Actually, these two types of cards are the same, there are only differences in their pronunciation.


An ATM card is a means of payment using a card which can be used to make cash withdrawals and transfer funds. On the other hand, a debit card is a payment using a card that is used to pay obligations arising from a transaction activity.


On the other hand, the types of debit cards in society today can be divided into two categories, namely magnetic stripe ATM cards and chip ATM cards. Even though these two cards look similar, they use different technologies with different security systems.


Magnetic Stripe ATM Card

This card has a long black line on the back, known as a ribbon, which stores data such as card number, expiration date, customer name and other important data. Unfortunately, these cards are susceptible to black band damage, which can make data unreadable.


ATM Chip Card

Chip debit cards use more advanced technology, avoiding the risks of data theft, skimming, and fraud. The physical card has a small gold or silver chip with CPU, memory, operating system, applications, and cryptographic functions. The data stored in this card is more complex and secure. Card authenticity can be confirmed via offline cam and online cam methods, so that counterfeiting can be detected immediately, providing a higher level of security for customers.



Credit card

A credit card is a payment tool that allows users to make purchases or transactions without having to pay in cash at that time. Users will receive a monthly bill and have a certain time to make payments before interest is charged. Credit cards also often include benefits, such as reward points and special discounts.


There are four categories of credit cards based on their function that need to be identified, namely:


● Credit card with no minimum payment (charge card)

Similar to a credit card, credit card holders with no minimum payment can use this card to transact goods or services. The bill will be charged at the end of the month and must be paid in full, with additional fees or free, depending on the bank’s policy.


● Debit card (debit card)

Debit cards are basically similar to conventional cash transactions. When used, the balance stored in the account is immediately deducted according to the price of the goods or services purchased.


● Cash card (cash card)

As the name suggests, cash cards are primarily used to withdraw cash at certain outlets other than ATMs. Unlike the previous two cards, this type of card cannot be used for goods and services transactions.


● Check guarantee card

This card is probably still rarely used in Indonesia and is more common in Europe. Owners of check guarantee cards use them as collateral to draw large checks.


On the other hand, credit cards are not only seen from the aspect of their functionality, but credit cards also have limitations in their area of application. It is important to check the card you have so that a situation does not occur where your card is not valid when making transactions abroad.



National Credit Card

National credit cards have coverage limited to one particular country. Generally, this card is issued through collaboration between the company and certain credit card service providers.


International Credit Card

International credit card holders can easily travel abroad without having to carry cash. This card can be used as a means of payment in almost all major countries in the world. Each card has a logo issued by various companies according to their function and region.


Several companies that manage credit card payment systems globally include:


● Visa

It offers five types of credit cards, from classic to infinite, based on the customer’s income.


● MasterCard

More popular in Europe and the United States with various types such as classic, gold, platinum, and world.


● Diners Club

Using a franchise system such as Visa.


● American Express

It functions as a charge card, where customers must pay off the entire bill at the end of the month.


● Union Pay

A subsidiary of China Union Pay that focuses on facilitating overseas transactions with two types of cards, namely platinum and diamond, which provide additional facilities such as health services, financial consultations, insurance and other benefits.


It is very important for you to understand the type of credit card you have and the regions where it can be used.


With a deep understanding of the types of bank cards, users can choose a card that suits their financial needs and lifestyle. Jasuindo as a bank card manufacturing partner can provide the best solution to ensure the cards are not only efficient but also safe. So, users can live their financial lives with more confidence and comfort.



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