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What is a Security Label

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Technological developments and global trade have made it easier for counterfeiters to produce counterfeit products that are difficult to distinguish from genuine products. This can cause significant losses for producers, consumers, and the government, both material and non-material.



Using security labels on products is one method of preventing counterfeiting. To prevent products from being counterfeited, security labels are made with unique security features. Manufacturers can boost consumer confidence by preventing various forms of counterfeiting using security labels to mark their products.



Security Labels are


Labels or stickers designed with special security features to protect products or goods from counterfeiting, loss or damage. Security labels can be used on various types of products, from electronic products, consumer products, to industrial products.


For example, security labels are often used on electronic products such as cell phones, laptops, and televisions to prevent counterfeiting. Security labels can also be used on consumer products such as clothing, bags and shoes to prevent theft. Additionally, security labels can also be used on industrial products such as spare parts and raw materials.



Main Function of Security Label


The following are several important functions of security label, especially for security product.




1. Maintain product authenticity


Safety labels can help ensure that the product a consumer receives is the original product from the manufacturer. This can be done by using unique and difficult to imitate security features. Consumers can determine whether an item has never been opened before by checking the label.


Security labels can be helpful in confirming that a customer is receiving the genuine products from the manufacturer. Security features that are unique and difficult to replicate can be used to achieve this. By looking at the label, consumers will know whether an item has never been opened before.


2. Sealing the boltholes

Security labels can be used to cover boltholes on products. The label makes it impossible to open the bolt without damaging it. Label damage can be a clue to unauthorized disassembly or repair attempts.


3. Indicates the warranty period

Security labels can serve as a marker for the product’s warranty period. The label contains information about the warranty period, so consumers can know how long the product is still covered by the warranty. This can help consumers submit warranty claims if the product is damaged during the warranty period.


4. Proving the originality of the product

A security label can be proof that the product is genuine. In the event of a dispute between the consumer and the manufacturer, the security label can be used as evidence to prove that the product is genuine.



Types of Security Labels

Below are some of the most commonly used security labels to protect products from counterfeiting.


1. Hologram Sticker

The most commonly used kind of security labels are holograms. When seen from different angles, hologram stickers display images or patterns that change color and appear in 3D. Because of this characteristic, hologram stickers are particularly effective at preventing the counterfeiting of products. In addition, hologram stickers can enhance brand recognition and become a badge of authenticity for products.


2. Void Labels

Void labels are a type of security label that serves to prevent product theft and dismantling. Void labels will become damaged or discolored when removed, leaving a trail of “Void” messages. This message will be an indicator that the product has been opened or disassembled, thereby preventing theft and dismantling of the product. Additionally, void labels can also be used as an indicator of product damage or manipulation.


3. QR Code / Barcode Stickers

QR codes, or barcode stickers, are a type of security label that serves to store product information. Stored product information can include serial numbers, production dates, or website links.


4. Tamper-Evident Seals

Tamper-evident seals are a type of security label with functionality to prevent product packaging from being dismantled. Tamper-evident seals will break or leave traces when opened, which will be an indicator that the product packaging has been opened or manipulated. This can prevent damage to product contents and ensure product safety.


5. Security Holographic Overlay Stickers

Security holographic overlay stickers are a type of security label that combines a hologram with a transparent sticker. This combination provides a unique visual security effect that is difficult to imitate. This can increase product safety, serve as a marker of authenticity, and prevent product counterfeiting. Additionally, security holographic overlay stickers can also be used for branding and product aesthetics.


6. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Labels

One kind of security label that makes use of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is the RFID label. RFID technology reads and writes data using radio waves. A tiny chip on RFID labels is capable of storing product data. You can use radio waves to obtain this product’s information.


7. Serial Number Stickers

Serial Number Stickers provide security by making each product unique. This unique serial number is difficult to counterfeit, so it can be used to identify genuine products and prevent counterfeiting. Serial Number Stickers can also be used for product tracking, allowing manufacturers to track products throughout the supply chain.


8. Scratch-Off Security Labels

Scratch-Off Security Labels provide security by hiding important information under a scratchable layer. This information may be a verification code, gift code, or other information necessary to verify the authenticity of the product. Scratch-off security labels can also be used for promotions, as consumers can scratch off the coating to reveal information of interest.


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