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Security Printing For Cosmetic Packaging

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Security printing is important for cosmetic packaging: Fighting the rise of counterfeiting




In this digital era, counterfeiting of cosmetic products is increasingly widespread. Irresponsible individuals take advantage of security gaps in packaging to imitate genuine products and reap unfair profits. This is, of course, detrimental to consumers and damages the reputation of trusted cosmetic brands.



Several risks if the product packaging is counterfeit


Cosmetic packaging that is easily counterfeited poses various risks, including:



Health hazards:

Counterfeit cosmetics often contain unregistered, dangerous ingredients that pose a risk to consumers’ health.


Financial losses:

Consumers are harmed because they buy counterfeit products at the same price as genuine products.


Reputation damage:

Trusted cosmetic brands experience reputational damage due to fake products circulating on the market.



The right solution to minimize the risk of product packaging counterfeiting


One of the solution to overcome the rise of cosmetic counterfeiting is to use security printing to make packaging. Jasuindo security printing provides various anti-counterfeiting features that can help protect genuine products and provide a sense of security for consumers.



Some anti-counterfeiting features commonly used in security printing for packaging are:



Holograms are three-dimensional images that are difficult to imitate. Authentic holograms have characteristics that are easily recognized, such as images that shimmer and change color when viewed from different angles.


Special ink:

Special inks can only be printed with special machines and cannot be replicated with ordinary printers. This ink can have effects such as glowing in UV light or changing color when exposed to water.



Microtext is small text that is printed very finely and can only be read with a magnifier. Authentic microtext has detail and sharpness that cannot be replicated with ordinary printers.


QR Code:

QR codes are two-dimensional codes that can be scanned with a smartphone. An authentic QR code will direct consumers to the cosmetic brand’s official website or provide product verification information.




Security printing is an important solution to fight the counterfeiting of cosmetic products. By using anti-counterfeiting features, cosmetic brands can protect their products and provide consumers with a sense of security. Consumers also need to be careful when choosing cosmetic products and ensure the packaging has authentic anti-counterfeiting features. Jasuindo security printing, which has more than 30 years of experience in the field of security printing, will help you make packaging with security features that are not easy to counterfeit.