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Jasuindo Metal Card

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Jasuindo Metal Card: Luxurious, Functional, and Secure



Metal cards are now available as a solution to present a luxurious, exclusive, and prestigious impression that can describe the highest achievement for the owner of this card. Luxurious cards that are not only beautiful to look at, but also offer a variety of the best functions and benefits.


Jasuindo, as one of the leading security printing companies in Indonesia, produce metal cards with the best quality. Manufactured with high detail and precision, Jasuindo metal cards exude luxury and professionalism to their users.




The Advantages:


Exclusive Design:

Available in a range of colors and with customized finishes to match your requirements or your company brand identity.


Durable Material:

Made from high-quality metal, make the metal cards produced by Jasuindo are durable.


High-Level Security Features:

Can be equipped with various advanced security features such as EMV chips, holograms, and microchips, to protect your data from fraud and counterfeit.



This Metal Card can not only be used as a payment card but can also be implemented as an access card, membership card, and transportation card, which can be adjusted to your needs.


Enhance Brand Image:

By using metal cards, you show your commitment to quality and prestige, thereby enhancing your brand image in the eyes of your customers.




Some Functions of the Metal Card:


Payment Card:

Jasuindo Metal Cards are using Dual Interface technology that can be used to make all payment transactions at various merchants that accept non-cash payments, either by contact or wirelessly. Its exclusive material makes this card very suitable to be given by the bank to VVIP customers.


Access Card:

If the metal card is used as an access card, then this card can control access to certain buildings, rooms, or areas.


Membership Card:

This luxurious card made of quality metal can be used to show the highest position or achievement in a particular institution, organization, or community.


Transportation Card:

The Metal Card can be applied as an exclusive public transportation transaction card, very suitable to be given to loyal public transportation users.


Reward Card:

This Metal Card is very suitable to be used as a reward card that can be given by certain brands to VVIP or priority customers.




Why should you choose the Jasuindo Metal Card?



Jasuindo has decades of experience in producing high-quality security cards and is certified by Visa, MasterCard, JCB, World Disney, and Union Pay.


Advanced Technology:

Jasuindo uses the latest technology to ensure the quality and security of metal cards.


Complete Service:

Jasuindo provides complete service solution, from design to printing and personalization of cards.


Guaranteed Security:

Jasuindo is committed to keeping your data secure by implementing strict security standards.




Jasuindo metal card is the right choice for those of you who want to have a card that is not only beautiful and functional, but also safe and prestigious. Contact Jasuindo now for more information about this exclusive metal card through the number (021) 29333101 for the Jakarta office and (031) 8910919 for the office in Sidoarjo.



Jasuindo: Trusted Security Printing Solution for Your Card Needs



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