Stamp Holohgram vs Label Hologram

Hologram Stamp vs Hologram Label

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Hologram Stamp vs Hologram Label: Which is Right for Your Needs?



Hologram technology has become a favorite in the world of product security and branding. Its ability to display 3D images that are shiny and difficult to counterfeit makes it an ideal solution for a variety of needs. However, behind the similarities, there are two types of holograms that are commonly used: hologram stamps and hologram labels. Each has its own characteristics and uses.



Feature Hologram Stamp Hologram Label
Main function Security Security
Shape Adaptable to design Adaptable to design
How to Apply Hot pressed on the surface Attached with adhesive
Durability High, hard to damage Varies, depending on the type of material.
Security Secure, because it blends with the underneath printing. Secure, as long as the hologram label is not peeled off


Choose the Right One:



Hologram Stamp:


  • Utilized to prevent counterfeiting of the products, including :
    • Identity Cards
    • Payment Cards
    • Documents
    • Certificates
    • Diplomas
    • Etc.
  • Creates a feeling of exclusivity and luxury.
  • Suitable for products with flat surfaces.




Hologram Label:


The most widely utilized kind of hologram is the label type. These labels often have a straightforward design and are composed of plastic. There are several uses for standard hologram labels, including security, identity, and branding.



Consult with our team to get the type and design that suits your needs.

Consider the level of security required for your product, and make sure the hologram has intricate details and is difficult to counterfeit.



Hologram labels and stamps each have benefits and drawbacks of their own. The nature and intended use of your goods will determine which option is best. You may select the best hologram solution to improve the security and attractiveness of your products by being aware of the variations and the aforementioned pointers.