The Importance of Labels for Your Product Packaging

  |   Press Release

Product packaging not only functions as physical protection for the goods it contains, but is also the first face that consumers will see. In the era of globalization and increasingly fierce business competition, it is very important for manufacturers to not only maintain the quality of their products but also engage in effective security strategies.


One of the most critical aspects of this strategy is the use of appropriate and safe labels on your product packaging. Check out several critical points regarding the presence of labels on your product packaging below!



1. Product Identification

Labels on product packaging act as clear identification for consumers. With good labels, consumers can easily recognize the brand and type of product they are buying. This not only helps in building a brand, but also ensures that consumers get the products they want and suit their needs.


2. Complete product information

Labels not only function as an identification tool, but also as a source of complete information about the product. Information such as ingredient composition, expiration date, how to use, and storage instructions can be conveyed through the label. Informed consumers have a higher tendency to trust a product and choose it over a product that does not provide enough information.


3. Product counterfeiting

Product counterfeiting is a serious threat to producers and consumers. Labels with advanced security features can be an effective tool in preventing counterfeiting. One commonly used security feature is holograms, which are difficult to replicate by irresponsible parties. Rosette, dot matrix, and embossed image features can also provide a significant additional level of security.


4. Brand Security and Protection

Jasuindo, as one of the companies in the security and label industry, offers brand protection services for your products with various sophisticated security features. One of the solutions we offer is the use of windshield labels which not only provide strong product recognition but also provide a high level of security through the latest technology. Security labels with dot matrix numbering can provide additional protection and make your products difficult to counterfeit.


5. Label with High Level Security

Jasuindo also provides labels with security features such as holograms, relief/embossed images, and rosette features. Holograms provide a visual effect that is difficult to imitate, while relief/embossed images provide a physical dimension that can be felt. The rosette feature provides a complex and unique pattern, making your product more difficult to counterfeit.


6. Dot Matrix Numbering for Tracking

Dot matrix numbering is a security feature that allows accurate product tracking. With unique numbering, manufacturers can unify and identify each product individually. This is not only a security tool, but also helps supply chain management and detects counterfeit products in the market.


In facing increasingly complex world business challenges, using appropriate labels on product packaging not only increases consumer confidence but also protects your brand and business from the threat of counterfeiting.


Jasuindo, with its various security solutions and innovative labels, can be your strategic partner in maintaining business interests and ensuring your products remain safe and trustworthy in the eyes of consumers.